Being one of the first areas that guests encounter when they arrive, the washroom at Khoj is a significant area in the museum. However, it is currently a neglected space that does not match the style of the museum. To address this issue, it is important to consider painting the washroom in a way that aligns with the overall aesthetic of the museum. This will create a more cohesive experience for visitors and help to elevate the importance of the space. Additionally, a well-kept and aesthetically pleasing lavatory may enhance the overall perception of the museum and make visitors feel more at ease while they are there. By investing in the aesthetic of the washroom, Khoj can create a more welcoming and engaging environment for visitors.
What about water’ is an homage to the members of our community who take on the arduous and unpleasant task of keeping our surroundings clean. The male and female mascots indicate gender of the restrooms articulated in a realistic way of having scuba divers to narrate a story. Hence, the visual style has been drawn from this method. The core area of the creative represents a healthy aqua life to depict cleanliness for the area that has outlets for drinking water. The mascots are seen tidying up the mess that us as humans create by polluting our water resources and damaging the life beneath. Alluding to the title, “What about water”, the creative builds a narrative around roles and responsibilities of humans to create a healthy environment. To address the issue of water tanks appearing prominent, the tanks have been disguised as rocks and plastic bags to represent water pollution. This is a method that has been devised to conceal something obtrusive in the scenario and translating it into a visual element. Water tanks have been covered over to depict water contamination with pebbles and trash bags in order to solve the issue of their standing out. This technique was developed to mask an intrusive aspect in the situation by turning it into a visual component.
Aaishani Anmi, Dhaval Gajjar, Rishika Garg, Riyanshi Hariyani, Rushi Godhani, Shubhika Solanki, Utkrishta Tarafdar
Guided By : Prof. Chandni Chhabra & Prof. Anil Chauhan

Institute of Design, Nirma University

April 2023

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