About us: Jagg Hastashilp is a brand which works towards uplifting handicrafts around the world. It has outlets all around the world . Jagg Hastashilp is an affordable brand, which respects craftsmanship and is trying to make it available for daily usage to consumers. We release new products every Friday. We have our own merchandise as well, which are graphic tees, badges, stickers etc, which are mostly limited addition. Other than this we also document the handicraft process to upload on our website and youtube channel for the world to know the hard work and love behind each product they consume. As a brand we strive to to be the forerunners in sustainability and vegan lifestyles.
Style: Minimal, Organic

Vision: To make handicrafts available for daily use and to remain


Final Logo

The project was done for the course of identity design I, at Institute of design, Nirma University.
The design brief was given by Kirti Jain  

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