I am Rushi Godhani 
Heyy! My name is Rushi Godhani and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Communication Design at the Institute of Design, Nirma University in Ahmedabad.

I am interested about developing aesthetically appealing and functional design solutions that effectively convey concepts and messages to audiences. My curiosity and eagerness to learn have driven me to explore various design aspects, from branding and typography.

with addition to design, I also dabble with film photography. I get ideas from the visual storytelling component of photography and take pleasure in capturing natural scenes and stunning surroundings. My passion for photography has taught me to see the world from a fresh perspective and has improved my sense of composition and detail.

I enjoy watching films, reading design blogs and publications, and experimenting with new design tools when I have free time. I consider design to be an ongoing learning process, therefore I'm constantly seeking for new methods to broaden my knowledge.

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